Mineral Transportation in South Africa

November 22, 2019
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Mineral Transportation in South Africa

Need minerals transportation in South Africa? Mineral-Line is a minerals marketing and transportation company in Johannesburg headquartered in Sandton Gauteng in South Africa that specializes in buying, selling and transporting minerals in and around South Africa.

We do not only transport minerals that were sourced or bought by Mineral-Line but we also assist other companies and organisations with mineral transportation services in and around South Africa at the most affordable prices. We source the highest quality minerals from South African based mines and resell them at the exact sourcing cost and then deliver the minerals to the client's exact delivery location at the most affordable prices.

Mineral-Line mineral transportation services come with customized cargo insurance cover, a 24 hour truck and interlink trailer satellite surveillance and tracking to ensure that the client's minerals are delivered successfully at all times. In an effort to deliver quality services we always make sure that our fleet is well maintained, monitored and insured. At Mineral-Line, we have customized our minerals transportation services to be efficient, cost effective and reliable so that our clients can be always satisfied with our services.

For an obligation free minerals transportation quote, contact Mineral-Line on info@mineralline.co.za

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Phone: 065 834 3623
Address: Sandton, Gauteng, 2nd Floor, Nelson Mandela Square Corner Maude Street & Fifth Street, Gauteng 2146

Mineral Transportation in Sout


November 22, 2019

Views: 111

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