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February 17, 2020
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safety courses on lifting, construction and welding Training on the following.
*Forklift training.
* Dump truck training
Dump truck triple7.
* Excavator training.
*Front end loader training.
* Bulldozer training.
* Grader training.
* Mobile crane training.
* Lhd scoop operator training.
* Reach truck training.
* Tower cranes training.
* Over head crane training.
* Drilling rig operator training.
* Bob cat
* Tlb training.
* Reach stack training.

Trade test and preparations.
Trade test on all Artisan courses.
Boiler making training
* Co2 welding training
* Arc welding training
* Stainless steel welding training
* Argon welding training
* Electrical Installation training
* Plumbing training.
* Carpentry training.
* Pipe fitting training.
* Fit and turning training.
*Shuttering training.
You can train 2 or more machines at the same time

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Contact Information
Address: Santiago, Chile, Gauteng

boiler making,tlb, mobile cran


February 17, 2020

Views: 39

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